Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Car Shopping Day a minute...

We're really looking forward to taking drives to see the country, which makes buying this car our number one priority this week.  So, back to shopping.  

Today we went straight to the dealerships to see a couple we didn't see yesterday, and one I kind of liked again.  Hoping one of them might have a nice, slightly used, automatic for sale.  I'll tell you, go into a dealership with two young children and they leave you alone to browse! :) 

A little video of our adventure....

Well, it was a short visit in each shop.  As much as I liked the shiny new cars, we were quickly ushered back to the big used lots with all the possibilities in our range, and for J's much desired automatic.

Tomorrow we jump back on the bus.  Fingers crossed we have better luck!

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